πŸ‘‘'94 β˜† β™’ β˜† πŸ‡§πŸ‡· β˜† ⚧ Bigender |They| β˜† INTJ

Hey! I'm Zealothia Valentine!
I'm an Audio Visual student!
I draw comics, character concepts and I like to 3D sculpt on zBrush. Please invite me to work on Zines!
I plan on working in game development or webcomics!
Sovereign of the Galaxy and Steamgoth Magician. Aquanius the Thief of Hope in Land of Neon and Angels.

My Interests

β˜† Webcomics, like Ava's Demon and Homestuck
β˜† Games, like Hiveswap and Zelda
β˜† Utauloid, Vocaloid, SynthV
β˜† Dolls like Ball Jointed Dolls, Pullip, Nendoroids
β˜† Fursuiting and crafts
β˜† Sigils and natural witchcraft

Don't interact if you're:

β˜† Racist.
β˜† TERF or SWERF, or Pro-Life.
β˜† Truscum or Transmed.
β˜† Condone homophobia, transphobia, incest, pedophilia, zoophilia or necrophilia.
β˜† Fujoshis or other fetishizing ppl.
β˜† You're gonna mess with me or my friends.
β˜† Shittalk my interests or art.
β˜† Like abusive ships.
β˜† Ships Marvus and Zebruh
β˜† If you're younger than 15.

List of links

BlizzNet: Zealothia #1507
3DS Friendcode: 0705-4335-3466
Also I play Recolor.me!

Vero, Amino


Q: HELP I don't know how to pronounce your name!!!
A: Don't worry, there is no right pronunciation, just read it out loud! Even I pronounce it differently based on the language I'm speaking.

Q: Which Languages can you speak?
A: My native is Brazilian Portuguese, but I mostly use English in the internet. I am studying Japanese and Spanish on my own, and tried learning French and Italian on my own too, though I dropped these for the time being.

Q: What are you studying?
A: I'm studying Audio Visual Prod. at Melies. I've had one year of Digital Games and one semester of Graphic Design at Belas Artes.

Q: Your Patreon is empty, why is that?
A: I'm unsure if Patreon is going to be important to me in my creative career, so I made one just in case, but have nothing substantial on it, as I am not producing anything in any regular fashion. I do have some webcomics in the making, which I'll post on Tapastic (em PortuguΓͺs) and Webtoon (in English. If you want my 18+ content, I'll have it avaliable in my Gumroad only!

Thank you for reading

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